About - Suzanne Stein Photography


"I started taking pictures while on a trip to Europe in June 2015.  Previously, I had been an artist that worked primarily with pencil, ink, and graphite.  When I started,  I was using an iPhone.  I knew almost immediately that photography was going to turn my life upside down, and that I would be able to use my personal life experiences in a way that I'd never imagined.   A month later, I bought a camera.  Now, when I think of my life, I think:  Before camera, and Now.   I can take my camera, and, together with whoever or whatever happens to be in front of me, tell a dynamic, ever changing story....I am especially captivated by people who present to me in an emotionally challenging manner, and who have an intensity that's immediate and complete.  They force me to adapt to the present in order to make a picture that is my best effort at accurately conveying and representing the person or circumstance that is apparent to me in the few seconds it took to record the image.  Everything and everyone can change in an instant, and nothing is ever the same twice.  This provides tremendous motivation for me, and is the most powerful and important aspect of the pursuit of a picture I'm reasonably satisfied with.   I'm always after a narrative of some kind, whether it's at a parade, the beach, or in an economically deprived neighborhood in Los Angeles.  I love minute, insubstantial instants as well as images that attempt a strong social document. One moment in an image can convey everything from an everyday instant to a big, heavy truth that people from wildly different backgrounds can absorb almost instantly.  These narratives are present everywhere,  running through everyone's reality, and if I'm able to do the job effectively, a picture can tell a story no matter where it was taken."

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